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Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Here at Private Pie we are all about democracy.

And one thing that we realised was that our little Pie-Dude needed a name.

Pie-Dude needed a name!
So we thought, how can we make a fair decision on what to call this little dude?

Well, the obvious way to us at least was Democracy by Baking Bead. Each of our bakers and their guests were given a baking bead each with which to vote on the Pie-Dude's name. We had a shortlist of four names, which were chosen by an esteemed panel of judges. These were: Albert, Cedric, Pi-curion, and Pepe.

And lo, the people cast their votes and the winner was:
*pause for dramatic effect*


*happy inspirational music, probably by Snow Patrol over montages of pie-dude doing his thing*

So there we have it. The Pie People have spoken and Pie Dude now has a name.

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