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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Christmas Pie!

What's this?

What's this i find when I am google image searching for Christmas Pie?

A place that goes by the name of CHRISTMAS PIE?!?! Amazing!

According to Wiki:

"Christmas Pie is a hamlet, in the parish of Normandy in the borough of Guildford in Surrey, England. The curious name of Christmas Pie, which has excited much humorous comment, owes its name to property owned by a prominent local family named Christmas. There are many references to this family in the Court records of the Manor of Cleygate which date back to 1513 in the reign of King Henry VIII. Christmas's are often noted as serving as members of the Homage which was the Jury of the Court. The "Pie" part of the name comes from the Saxon term "pightel" or "pightle" meaning a small piece of arable land. Until the area was built up during the 1920s there was a small field called "Pie Field" near the Christmas Pie crossroads.[1]."

Well I never... you learn something new about pie every day.

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