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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

More Post-Pie-Party-Posts

Hiya all,

Hope you've all had a lovely christmas or holiday period. In the usual spirit of Christmas, I have of course over indulged in pretty much everything that is bad for you and dramatically under-indulged in all that is healthy.

Needless to say, more Christmas pie was consumed (as part of tea on Christmas day).

Santa obviously wants to be a member of Private Pie, as he seemed to bring me a variety of pie related gifts. I got a shiny new red pie dish (to co-ordinate with Rudolph's nose?), a pastry server, a blackbird pie funnel, and the PieMinister cookbook.

So, I am all set for the next meeting of Private Pie!

I'm also wanting to draw your attention to PrivatePie-r Lisa's Blog Post about the event. She has some lovely pictures, and you can find her delicious and hearty game pie recipe there also.

I shall leave you with news that we are still in the process of organising our next meeting, but we do definitely intend it to go ahead.

see ya's later for now,

Hayley xx

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