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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Exciting times for Private Pie!

Hi all,

Just wanting to check in and let you all know how things are going. It's been an exciting few days for us at Private Pie.

So at the time of writing we have VERY limited space left for our second meeting. This whole concept has really taken off, and much more quickly than we thought. We've so far got a total of 12 bakers lined up, not to mention their non-baking guests, so there is going to be a WHOLE LOT OF PIE to be eating! We have Greek pie, Hungarian pie, Pie Thai, Mississippi Mud Pie and many more, although the sweet pie options are outweighed by the savoury at the moment by quite a lot, so we're hoping for a few more sweets.

Yesterday, we got a new domain name for our website, so it's now the beautifully simple www.privatepie.co.uk . Now we feel all professional and grown up!

We're also going to be in the Evening Chronicle tomorrow, which is both really exciting, and really terrifying as we have no idea what the picture will have turned out like :-S. It's so great that we're getting so much attention and publicity and that people seem to really like our idea.

I had to do some emergency baking in time for the photographer turning up, and made an emergency panic pie with the few ingredients i had in the house. It ended up looking acceptable enough, though i'm not convinced it's actually edible!

Then there was some lighting-based stress... As it turns out that one of the lights in my kitchen is inconveniently place right above the place the photographer wanted me to stand, causing shadows. The irony is that this exact light bulb hadn't been working for ages, then was changed only a few weeks ago by my boyfriend, Matt (or, to give him his full title: Pie Baking King [it's a long story] And Producer of Artistic Paraphernalia For Private Pie).

Anyway, some pictures were eventually taken, although we didn't see them, so hopefully they will be ok.

I also just want to say a big thank you to Lisa, the organiser of the Newcastle Clandestine Cake Club. She's been great, really enthusiastic about pie club, even though we have pretty much copied what she is doing with the CCC. She's even been kind enough to provide some comments to the reporter for the Chronicle. However, we do think that pie would definitely win over cake in a fight, and that's that.

Hayley xxx

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