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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Oh my, what a day!

Hi all,

Just a quick check in to say "OMG WHAT AN EXCITING DAY!" or words to that nature.

Firstly, we made it into today's Chronicle (page 22, to be exact). We had almost a full page, and there was a very lovely write-up, which you can read here

We've had loads of amazing responses, and lots of people signing up, with the result that we are now FULLY BOOKED for our February meeting. I never in my wildest dreams imagined that we'd become so popular so quickly. We've even had applications to our standby list for this meeting.

Our lack of sweet pies problem appears to have been solved somewhat, with talk of a key lime pie possibility and a sweet potato pie signed up.

We also heard from the marvellous Simple Simon (self-styled, not a name we have assigned him) who let us know about his website which we think you'll be interested in- www.piespy.co.uk

We also had some lovely tweets from Lynne Hill, the Queen of the Clandestine Cake Club, which we're so pleased about as we really wouldn't exist if it wasn't for them paving the way for secret food groups with such style and panache.

Then we found out about British Pie Week, and I managed to accidentally enter Private Pie Club into a National pie recipe competition. Eek!

So then it was off to kettlebell class, as I really need to do some serious exercise in order to balance out the copious pie and cake quantities i will be eating in the future. Luckily, Nancy's partner Tony runs classes at The Unit Gym, and in Wallsend. I used to go to classes ages ago, but then I "fell out" of them, but now i've been back once I've realised that I've definitely really missed them. And this, coming from me who  has a pathological hatred of, and is completely useless at, any form of exercise, is high praise indeed.

Then, even more excitement after that, with a couple more Private Pie developments that I shall tell you more about when they come to fruition.

Oh, and in amongst all of this, I also signed myself up for some firewalking...

What a day...

Hayley xxx

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